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The WaR(‘@’) Community Shares TeamSpeak With The Beer:30 Clan In A Mutual Alliance. 

TeamSpeak Acceptable Use Policy

  • No Spamming or Harassing of Players
  • No Slurs About Race, Gender, or Sexual Orientation
  • No Recruiting for any other clan except WaR(‘@’) / Beer:30
  • No Links to Game Cheating/Hacking Sites or Illegal Software Sites
  • No Exploiting of TeamSpeak Permissions
  • No Circumventing of Bans by Use of Proxy or Any Other Means
  • You MUST BE 18 or Older.


  • WaR(‘@’)’s / Beer:30 Members are allowed to bring family members onto TeamSpeak that are UNDER 18 ONLY WHEN THE MEMBER IS ON AND ONLY IN A PRIVATE/TEMPORARY CHANNEL that the MEMBER has created. Once the MEMBER has left the server, all family members must leave the server as well and the Temporary Channel must be deleted.
  • Any family member of a WaR(‘@’) / Beer:30 Member that is UNDER 18 found on the server without the MEMBER on or found in any other channel other than the Private/Temporary channel created by the MEMBER will be kicked from the server without warning.  2nd offense will result in a ban.
  • If you have a problem with anyone on TS and there is no Admin around, please use the “Make a Complaint” feature in TS by right clicking on the person’s name.  Abuse of this feature will result in your being suspended/banned.


  • No Impersonating of Other Members or Persons On TeamSpeak!
  • Impersonating a member or adding a Community Rank that you do not hold will automatically earn you a 1 week suspension from the WaR(‘@’) Community which includes TeamSpeak, the forums and any server. A second offense will get you permanently banned from the WaR(‘@’) Community.


TeamSpeak Etiquette

  • Do not spam channels with inappropriate information or Poke Members if you know that it will cause their game to crash.
  • Please use the appropriate TeamSpeak Channel for the game you are playing.
  • You may be asked to “Cut The Static” while in channel.  “Static” is defined as but not limited to; talking too much, raging about unfairness, calling out hacking too often, discussing other games, etc.
  • When someone asks you to “Cut The Static”, please be courteous and comply with their request or move your conversation to another channel.  Those that do not comply will be moved or kicked from the channel / server.
  • Please ask if you can move someone BEFORE you move them to another channel
  • The channels “Technical Support” & “Private Discussion” are Private Channels for you to use.  However, if you see anyone ALREADY using those channels, DO NOT ENTER them unless you have been invited to that channel.


TeamSpeak Address

TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To Our Server


WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Step 1

Click on Bookmarks



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Step 2

Click on Manage Bookmarks



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Step 3

The Bookmarks window appears. Click on Add Bookmark



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Steps 4 to 7

Step 4: Label the server ——> WaR(‘@’)

Step 5: Type in the server address ———->

Step 6: Type in the name that you want to appear in TeamSpeak

Step 7: Press the Ok button



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Steps 8 & 9

Step 8: Click on Bookmarks

Step 9: Click on WaR(‘@’)



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Connecting To TeamSpeak Steps 10 & 11

Step 10: You will be connected to the server and join in on the Lobby Channel. Make sure that you view the TeamSpeak Usage Policy.

Step 11: ALL Channels on the WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Server are moderated. This means that you will not be able to talk until a Talk Power has been given to you. Join the channel you want to talk in and follow the instruction in the dialogue box.*

* Talk power can only be granted by a member of the WaR(‘@’) Community / Beer:30 Clan / Army Of Dead Clan.




TeamSpeak Tutorial – Backing Up Your TSID


Please make sure that you back up your TeamSpeak 3 Identity.  All of your permissions and TS powers are associated with your TSID.

Backing up your TSID helps you get back into TS in case you lose your computer/have to reformat your computer and it helps you to login from another computer/device if you are traveling.

This tutorial will help you make a backup of your TSID using DropBox.

If you do not have a DropBox already, please use this link to get a FREE account with 2GB of online storage.


WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Steps 1 & 2

Step 1: After launching TeamSpeak, click on Settings

Step 2: Click on Identities



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Steps 3 to 6

TS3 allows you to have different identities for different servers. This is your TSID and it identifies you with the server.

Step 3: Rename your Identity from Default to WaRPiGs.

Step 4: Make sure you have your Nickname correct,

Step 5: DO NOT TOUCH or ADD ANYTHING to the Unique ID!

Step 6: Click the Export button.



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Step 7


Press Yes.



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Steps 8 to 10

Step 8: Navigate to your Dropbox folder.

Step 9: Create a New folder and name it TSID.

Step 10: Select your TSID folder.



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Steps 11 & 12

Step 11: Type WaRPiGs.

Step 12: Press the Save button.



WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Back Up TSID Step 13

Press the OK button to return to the main TS3 screen.





TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing Your TSID Back Up


WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing TSID Steps 1 & 2

Step 1: Click on Settings

Step 2: Select Identities




WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing TSID Step 3

Click Import




WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing TSID Steps 4 to 6

Step 4: Navigate to your Dropbox folder

Step 5 Select your TSID folder

Step 6: Click Open




WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing TSID Steps 7 & 8

Step 7: Select your WaRPiGs TSID backup

Step 8: Click Open




WaR(‘@’) TeamSpeak Tutorial – Importing TSID Steps 9 to 11

Step 9: Select your WaRPiGs TSID

Step 10: Click Default

Step 11: Click OK


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