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About Us


In the Piginning…

Back in December 2006, 2 guys in California (Menuasha & Smoked_Crayon) who love to game, started a FPS Gaming Clan that played Battlefield 2142 and called the clan The WaR PiG’s. Their hopes and goals for the clan were to continue to grow and expand, while adopting other games as time went on.

Shortly after starting the clan, they noticed the efforts of two Admins (El Pato & OnceDown) going above and beyond their duties and invited them to share in the responsibilities of running the clan.  Eventually Smoked_Crayon moved on to other things and OnceDown decided to relinquish his extra responsibility in favor of having more time to game, Menuasha & El Pato decided to continue on with the partnership and the original plan.

The Clan grew in many ways with the help of their Admins & members all the while attracting those who enjoyed playing other styles of games, including MMO Games.


Oink oink, MMO…

There has always been a long standing discord between FPS & MMO/RPG Gamers but we decided that we wanted to open our minds and our doors and embrace ALL GAMERS.  We tried to incorporate MMO games into the Clan Forums but quickly discovered that to effectively facilitate our vision of bringing in MMO Gamers, we would need to give the MMO/RPG Gamers their own forums so that they could fully develop without getting lost under all the FPS boards and to develop its own personality.

The MMO Forums were to have autonomy from the Clan Forums, and needed to have leadership.  Menuasha & El Pato turned to long time member Eulif and newcomer Srafa to act as their representatives, giving them the authority to run the new MMO Forums and deal with the the day to day business.


A Pig by any other name…

With the division of the two Forums [WaR(‘@’) Clan] & [WaR(‘@’) MMO], it was decided that we needed to come together under the WaR(‘@’) Gaming Community name.  This would help avoid the confusion of having two different names for the same core group of people.

Being a (‘@’) is more than just playing a game and being good at it. We have players that are top level, players that are beginners and everything in between.  It is a sense of fun that TRANSCENDS the fact that you are playing a game and makes you want to come home from work/school just so you can talk to your friends.

Being a (‘@’) is like having ANOTHER FAMILY (including the creepy uncle and the cousins you don’t like) and means the we are a community that helps and supports each other in-game and in real life. It is about KNOWING and CARING about the people that you play with above and beyond the games.

Being a (‘@’) is a way of life…

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